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dreams of translation

31 January 1984
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i'm french-american. i speak both languages completely fluently. you want me to translate something for you? i would LOVE to do it. hopefully, when i've finished my studies, it's what i'll be doing for money. but in the meantime, i'll do it for free. Fics even. Long ones. anything ya got, throw it at me, i'll translate. i like translating. (i think i've made THAT clear...)
otherwise... i, uh, play soccer. i've been living in France for the last three years. i'm getting older, but then, aren't we all? i rock-climb as of two months ago. it's awesome, i highly recommend it. i have pancake dinners with my friends, which i ALSO highly recommend.
finally, i read. I LOVE READING. i just read The House of Sleep by Jonathan Coe, and it was amazing... it made me cry. read it.

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net
reading naruto fanfiction., sasunarusasu and gaalee.